“Wow!” pretty much describes it.

An Illusioneer studio removes the barriers between what’s real and what’s not.

Go beyond physical space with our modular services: Broadcast from a TV studio or present from an impressive stage.

Our work is scalable to fit most budgets.

Get in touch and let’s explore your options together.

Next-level communication.
Let meetings come alive again, speakers and guests come into focus and make information tangible.
Whether hovering 3D diagrams, interactive graphics or teleporting, live or recorded - with Illusioneer your possibilities for visual storytelling are as unlimited as your new reach.
Virtual Sets.
We offer pre-built stages for instant use. Alternatively, our custom designed studios are best for maximising brand impact. LED walls and post-production are not needed: Our virtual sets run in real-time. Simulated camera cranes add dimension and production value. Real-world conferences can also benefit from our immersive sets.
Teleporting? Sure.
Our Teleporting service brings people from remote locations to a shared stage. Yes, we can literally teleport people through space… and time: People can even be recorded at different times and in different places and then be unified on a shared stage. This can mean saving on travel expenses, reducing CO2 and opening entirely new possibilities.
Metaverse and Digital Twins.
Even Metaverse scenes and Digtital Twins can now be used as filming locations - so CEOs, board members and stakeholders can visit. They can speak from the heart of their cutting edge industrial metaverse as their real self, freeing them of posing as an avatar. The best of both worlds is thereby combined: virtual high-tech locations and in-person credibility.
Live or pre-recorded.
Your broadcast can be recorded and / or streamed live via Zoom, MS-Teams, YouTube, Instagram and all other social media platforms. Complete flexibility in terms of distribution. Broadcast freely without limits.
Flexible ever after.
Once filming is completed, our virtual sets can be re-used for future filming - or later changes. Because all raw camera signals are recorded, our virtual camera moves can be re-framed or re-timed after filming. Even charts, data or content on virtual screens in the sets can be added or changed at a later time.
This is not possible using physical camera moves and real LED walls - its only possible using an Illusioneer studio.

We’re ready — are you? Upgrading is easy.

Use Illusioneer to catapult your corporate communication to the future: whether for trade fairs, conferences, product demos, meetings or decisive video calls — with our technology and  service we deliver virtual high-end studios in your corporate look and feel:

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